RMStudio™ charges by usage, charging you per station that you are actually using on your shop floor with an unlimited number of users. Different tiers allow you to start small (up to 10 stations and 3 IIoT/robotic devices), before you decide to increase automation using RMStudio™’s AI solutions for advanced data analytics, flow optimization, and machine vision.


For large manufacturing shops that want to fully maximize their output and make use of custom AI capabilities

Unlimited Stations

Unlimited Hardware Endpoints

Customized AI Solutions

Advanced Features

Personal Support

$99 / Month per Station


For medium manufacturers who want to get the most out of their manufacturing processes.

Up to 25 Stations

10 Hardware Endpoints

AI Solutions

Advanced Support

$79 / Month per Station


Best for small manufacturers who are just getting started with RMStudio.

Up to 10 Stations

3 Hardware Endpoints

Online Support

$59 / Month per Station