Visual Workflow

Build your Shop Floor

Quickly Identify Problems

Draw your Process

Drag and drop your work stations on a map of your shop floor. Upload any floor plan, or we will create one for you

Quickly see issues as they’re happening, not when its too late.

Define your processes easily by making connections between stations



Digitize your Traveler

Import Lots from Excel

Production Planning

No more excel tracking and paper traveler cards. Digitize your workflow in minutes and never lose track of your lots again

Import lots with copy paste from excel, scan your bar codes, or build lots in our system

Know where your WIP is and estimate your ship dates for each lot based on each station’s cycle time


Analytics & Reporting

Auto-Track Cycle Time

Real-Time Statistics

Log Machine Down Time

As workers move lots from one station to the next, we track their cycle time to give you your data

Workers can log a machine fault with a single tap. Have historical data to fix your biggest headaches

View your productivity in real time and constantly adjust to improve your efficiency